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The first thing I noticed was the security for the set was much more relaxed than in years gone by, which was great.There’s nothing worse than being constantly harassed and threatened by security.Located on the rooftop of the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, gaze across the Hudson River and see the new towers at the World Trade Center and much more. Worldwide Discover the Earth Cam network through the eyes of our fans!

I did see the no parking signs, so that was a good sign.I’m there to get a few shots, and then I’m gone, as is most photographers that wander onto the scene.Usually the actors are wearing the same outfit for the entire day, so you only need a couple shots. That’s his assistant next to him, and a film PA or production assistant behind him. Casting was done by Heery-Loftus, so if you want to be in a film shot in Philly, contact them.Two police cars, which the production pays for, lead the Ferarri, and then 2 vans followed the car as they made the loop City Hall to right on Spruce, then right on 16th to Market and another right back to Broad Street.In the evening it was easier to get shots of the two as they were filming them exiting and entering the car Although one serious moment ensued when during the filming, note the extra on the right, a real life Fed ex delivery guy didn’t realize they were filming a move and walked right into the scene and opened the door to make the day’s delivery.

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