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Addie Wagenknecht studied photography, traveled the world, completed a Masters at New York University as a Wasserman Scholar and right after that got a fellowship at Eyebeam Atelier, Culture Lab UK and more recently at Hyper Werk Institute for Post-Industrial Design and Carnegie Mellon University under Golan Levin at The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry.

Now that the long, idle Summer hiatus in which i published roughly 0.7 posts per week is over, it’s back to business as usual and i’m glad that Addie Wagenknecht has accepted to be the first artist i interview for the the new ‘season’. While reading the description of The Optimization of Parenthood (Part 1 and Part 2), i realized that i almost never encounter artworks dealing with parenthood in media art.

I wanted to highlight the repetitive nature of parenting in a way that was relatable in terms of gestural motion, but foreign in its implementation.

People who are able to maintain anonymity have a sort of tense, mystical quality, and we wanted to explore this in a literal, physical piece within public space.

The large-scale performance was commissioned by Bogomir Doringer for the “Faceless” exhibition at Museums Quartier.

Or, because the accompanying texts mostly talks about mother, should i say feminism?

Do you see these two works as new ways of exploring and discussing feminism?

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