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Mmmm, look at those lovely stitches and corners – am I am bit mad? Now if I can just keep Oliver off it long enough, I have to decide what to do with it. Of course the minute I put it down to tidy up, Oliver was on it.I might have to make him a quilt of his own, they make him so happy.So I decided to send it over to the US, to my friend Lucy who owns her own long-arm quilting machine at Granny Sassy Designs.She brought it back to me all ready-quilted on her latest trip to Cayman this month. Meanwhile, to the delight of all the followers of Weba there such a great feature as video chat.With all of this certainly than moral gratification, and a person will get more and physical pleasure.

I quite enjoy the binding part and then at least I get to feel like I finished it rather than take delivery of it all completed.Specifically, getting pleasure from the process of training and pursues virtual sex. Several large servings of meat were lying on the removed skin. - I shot five, but the three of them take care of my uncle. – Hazard looked at the sun, which reached its zenith and beat down. Truly the simplest way to make a quilt top and I was able to use almost the whole piece of serged fabric without any waste. I wanted something modern looking, and after a lot of debate and advice from the members in our sewing chat group, I went with the high contrast black for the sashing and border. While I enjoyed making up the top, the quilting part is not a favorite of mine I’ve decided.It’s too darned hot here for that, and Oliver just tries to fall asleep on my quilty-sandwich all the time, even as I’m trying to get it through the machine.

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