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If you have not yet seen it, give it a whirl on catch up. M x I was rather perplexed by something that has been happening, quite a number of guys had been checking I was alright, whether when they phoned to arrange an appointment or via emails...

Whom did Britain go to war with over the Falklands? 10) You'll never find the drugs, I hid them in a very private place.11) Oi, Filth. 16) Are you going to take down my particulars then - Big Boy? 18) You have the biggest breasts I have ever seen on a middle age man.19) When are the Red Indian and Construction Workers coming? " Obviously, he hadn't meant me to hear, so he blushed and said: "Oh sorry about that."Ah well it was a wet dreary day, so perhaps I had brightened his working day.Thankfully my GP has referred me to ENT she tells me they'll use a miniature vacuum to cleanse the cavity, apparently it feels 'not unpleasant' once you get used to the sensation.3) Needed to go into my loft for some items I have sold, thankfully I have a super-duper ladder for getting up there - what I wasn't expecting to discover was 'wasps galore' in the roof space.Took perseverance to get up there and look for the items, years ago I would just have shrieked, aha so getting older does make you braver I thought. M x 1) I thought you had to be above a certain height.2) You already have a sample of my DNA, it's all over your mum's tits! 9) You know, I've just realised how gay - riot gear looks! " Taking the parcels, I smiled up into his face and said "have I given you something nice to begin your day? it might be a good time to have a rethink about security. 5) Do you mind if I do this to your horse with my finger? 7) I wanted to be a policeman when I was little, but then I passed some exams.8) What do I win if I manage to knock your helmet off with these balls? Taking the little gadget to sign - through the half opened door, I heard postie (not the normal chap) say: "Wow!

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