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Ok, um, so it�s not that great but I�ll get over it.

I am currently completing all of my general classes and then moving on to the fast paced world of corporate accounting.

Anyway, he told me to call him after the movie was over, to tell him what I thought, so I did. Then almost a week later I called again, and he did not answer or call back.

He also got his car fixed so he does not take the bus to work anymore - but he did let me know that ahead of time. Do you have a difficult or frustrating dating question?

Turn-offs: Smelly people, hairy people, loud people, cheap people, liars, idiots, racist people! q=2445540-300x250.jpg" href="#" src=" wants Erotic Photos Age 28" data-age="28" data-city="Montrouge" data-intro="come check me out-- brendaboom.gobot.

C0M hi,i,m an attractive,playful,active girl who ,,lives life to the fullest, i,m willing to try anything with the right come on let,s make each other happy! q=2247834-300x250.jpg" href="#" src=" wants Erotic Photos Age 47" data-age="47" data-city="" data-intro="This profile is pending moderation." data-name="luvdingdong" data-bigimg="

I am a very sociable person; friends and family are very important to me and I try to spend my free time with them. q=80063785-300x250.jpg" href="#" src=" wants Erotic Email Age 34" data-age="34" data-city="Le Kremlin-Bictre" data-intro="I am a woman that loves to be pleased.

I would love to say I have some super interesting hobbies but then i would be lying, gym and occasional time to myself take up most of my time at the moment! With my busy schedule I find it hard to find time to meet people, so figured I would give the world of internet dating one last chance. I like for a man to take control and show me what he can do for me.

I crave being near the beach, but I love climbing mountains too." data-name="Jody Love" data-bigimg="He tried to invite himself over to my house twice, but each time I was busy or he was busy.The last time we talked he had me watch a movie he suggested.I do have a temper but a big heart to all my friends.I also have few tattoos and piercings,but can look conservative when needed.. q=8148298-300x250.jpg" href="#" src=" wants Discreet Relationship Age 37" data-age="37" data-city="" data-intro="I am a bubbly, funny and down to earth, looking to find someone to share and enjoy my life with, cheesy right? I very much believe that 'laughter is the best medicine'. I am the first to take the mick out of myself and would like to find someone as equally easy going.

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Yeah that isn�t so great either but what are you going to do. Love to make people laugh it is one of my biggest goals in life to make people around me happy even it involves making myself unhappy.. I'm a very honest person and don't hide anything id rather be hated for who i am than be loved for who I am not and if you cant accept me don't try to accept me at all.

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