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I somehow got sucked into it and it has been hell to get out.

THE LURE OF THE NET Hank and Rosalie are examples of people who got quickly hooked on the net.

[public] created by hockeyfandave looking for people who are into mutual masturbation and group masturbation.

I would prefer to talk to the ladies but it's opent o anyone If this chat room is illegal, click here.

Prominent politicians, business executives and Americans have seen their careers and lives derailed due to cybersex addiction. Approximately 1 percent of those identified as “cybersex addicts” in a follow-up analysis reported a lengthy history of sexual acting out (compulsive sexual activities) and sexually addictive behaviors such as anonymous sex, sex with prostitutes, and compulsive masturbation, that long preceded their discovery of sex on the Internet.

The Internet and the immediacy that it offers for sexual gratification has shaped our society more profoundly than any other media in history. They were considered to be addictive in their cybersex use because they generally denied they had a problem; had made repeated efforts to decrease their online sexual activities; and continued going online despite poor academic or job performance, relationship difficulties, job loss, sexual harassment lawsuits, arrest, failed relationships, or other adverse consequences related to their cybersex use.

Most people who visit chat rooms change some facts about themselves, often their age or physical appearance, and even their gender.

This group of people was having sexual behavior problems even before the Internet came along.

For them, the appearance of the Internet simply became another means of accessing a longstanding obsession.

Waiting until my wife went to sleep and then often staying up on the computer until two or three in the morning left me, more often than not, getting only three to six hours of sleep, leaving me exhausted, depressed, and physically unwell.

Our marital sex life became practically existent and I watched my wife blame herself for my distancing from her.

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This changed rapidly with her discovery of online sex. I lost my mind in such a short time that I could not function at work or home.

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