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This data sharing infrastructure maximizes performance and guarantees the most efficient use of disk space which can be especially important for large hardware and software designs.ENOVIA Design Management manages and secures design data across geographically dispersed teams and throughout the extended value chain.Administration of the design environments of geographically dispersed design teams is greatly simplified with centralized administration at the enterprise level.Identification and tracking of defects associated with IP blocks, and the ability to share ideas, engineering change information and to resolve product development issues and defects amongst geographically dispersed development teams are critical success factors.New objects can copy scale or rotation from their previous versions.

As the design changes, new data is automatically replicated at each design site in module and file caches and shared across workspaces.In today's fast-moving marketplace, it is essential for enterprises to act rapidly, even automatically, in response to changing conditions in order to take advantage of opportunities.With NETVIBES Dashboard Intelligence, users can automate alerts and business actions from the dashboard by creating a custom Potion with the trigger(s) and action(s) they want to take place.Want to make instances of main object at every object's position from selection Want to change many same parts (sub-objects) of one object already collapsed to editable poly- Detach them, convert to instances, edit one, collapse For instance you can convert back to insances windows on building, pillars, tress in the forest, car wheels... Hello again guys I was working on a large scene, with many vray proxies (cars and trees), some rpc objects, and everything was fine, render time was 10-15 min per frame, but now suddently times start to increase up to 30-40 min per frame! which is the difference to clone an object as instance or reference? :'(maxdesign 2010 x64, vista x64 vray sp5thanks guys!

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