3 day dating rule

According to the data, the best cities for singles aren’t necessarily the most populous ones — rather, they’re areas that have a dense population of young singles and a lot of vibrant industries to keep people busy.

Two of her favorites are Austin (killer music scene, nice weather, busy startup community) and Denver (college town that retains young grads, and lots of athletic people who join hobbyist groups).

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Almost half of the women surveyed by Match said they used Facebook or Google to scope out their dates ahead of time.

When it comes to outdated courtship decrees, the three-day rule is probably the worst.

Do you chat on the phone after the first date instead of trading emails?

Have you ditched the "three day rule" of waiting 72 hours before reaching out to a date? Dating website conducted its third annual survey of singles this year, polling 5,000 men and women about everything from how they stalk potential dates to whether or not to kiss on the first date.

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Or maybe we've dealt with way too many guys who don't seem to know that their cell phones can actually call people that we get a little too stoked over the tiniest of victories.

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