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A virgin, therefore, is the ultimate expression of virtue and goodness (and thus priceless) and any woman who has an excessive number of sex partners (for a suitably subjective value of “excessive”) is degraded.

Others will have their pre-existing approach anxiety ramped up to near pathological levels, leaving them with anxiety attacks and a crippling shyness around people they’re attracted to.The problem is that – for the most part – these fears are .It rapidly becomes a case of self-fulfilling prophecy; they believe that there is something shameful and wrong about being a virgin at such an “advanced” age and so it bleeds into other aspects of their lives.You are no wiser, more mature or otherwise changed from who you were minutes beforehand; the only difference is that you now have a set of memories that you didn’t have before and the need to shower and change the sheets.Having had sex doesn’t validate you as a person, nor does it somehow confirm that you have worth or that you’ve been devalued by the experience.

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Here’s the hard and fast truth about virgins and virginity: it’s a completely cultural construct.

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  1. Grâce à ces séries, nous avons surtout appris qu'il n'y a pas de "meilleure façon" d'accéder au plaisir et que l'"expertise" d'une femme ne vaudra peut-être pas pour une autre.